Gentle Home-made Face Scrub

A great homemade face scrub posted by my friend, Elizabeth. Only calls for 3 ingredients and I’m sure they’re ones you already have in your house 🙂


Gentle Home-made Face Scrub

An excellent recipe for making your own gentle face scrub.
3 Simple ingredients and it goes a long long way!
This can be used every day to keep you clean and feeling refreshed! It is especially great at absorbing oil.
I use a small mason jar to hold ours in, easy to clean and easy to apply. Sometimes it dries a bit but all it takes is a small amount of water to loosen it up again. Be careful not to put it on your eyes but it works great for your whole body too if made in larger quantities!

Baking Soda
Gentile Face Cleanser (I love Cetaphil)
Start with 1/8th cup cleanser
Add 1/8 cup water
Then one tablespoon at a time I add Baking soda till I get a nice thick consistency (you can make it thinner if you like) Mine added up to 5 tbsp…

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