Liebster Award Nominations

Liebster Award Nominations

I know I’ve been falling behind on updating with new recipes, but I promise it is only temporary! In the meantime, check out this new recipe I’m working on for spicy pineapple habenaro black bean chili and get to know a little bit about the person behind The Veggie Slaughterhouse.

A few days ago, I received a message from a blogger that I follow, Put On Your Cake Pants , saying that she had nominated me for a Liebster award! (P.S. All I can think of when I see that name is, Put On Your Cake Pants and Dance! I don’t know why…) Anyway, I’ve received something very similar to this before but didn’t have the chance to fill it out. So, this time, I’m jumping on the opportunity!

The Rules:
Answer the ten questions given to you by the blogger by whom you were nominated.
Share ten random facts about yourself.
Nominate 3-11 up-and-coming bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
Generate 10 questions to be answered by those whom you nominate.
Contact your nominees to let them know the news.

Ten Questions

1. What is the meaning behind your blog name and where did it come from?
I wanted to come up with a name that was fun and memorable, and I didn’t want it to be too serious. I feel that a lot of vegetarians and vegans take themselves too seriously and I wanted to show that there’s a fun, lighthearted side to cooking without meat. I posted a question on facebook about what I should name my vegetarian cooking blog, and that helped me come up with the name for it.

2. What is your first memory?
I remember walking up to my dad and telling him that I was 3 years old while holding up 2 fingers. I remember him giggling and correcting me with the right number of fingers.

3. Dogs or cats?

4. Favorite meal?
Hmmm, that’s really a tough one. That depends on so much. Fall/ winter time? My favorite meals revolve around squash (with an egg in it, duh), soups and stews, anything involving a mushroom cream sauce, and so many different casserole dishes. Spring/ summer time I love making kale apple and swiss salads, chilled avocado soups and anything over the grill. My favorite food can also change with my mood. So, ask me tomorrow. I might tell you something different.

5. Favorite thing to do to relax?
Cuddle with my dog or play bass.

6. Pet peeve?
Spilling the water out of tofu containers while trying to open them and water goes flying everywhere. Grrrrr.

7. If you have the house to yourself, what do you do?
In all seriousness, I cook. It’s therapeutic for me to cook by myself sometimes.

8. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be able to fly with the birds.

9. Favorite quote or piece of advice?
This one comes from Anna Harouvis, owner of Anna In the Raw, “Being happy is being healthy no matter what size your pants are.”

10. On a rainy day would you rather watch movies or play cards/board games?
Movies all the way. With a bowl of soup, too.

Ten Random Facts

1. I didn’t learn to cook anything other than pancakes and mac and cheese from a box until a year or two after I stopped eating meat (which wasn’t until my early twenties. And that’s gross that I can say early twenties like I’m an old lady or something).
2. I worked as a coffee barista for 2 years just to feed my caffeine addiction. It’s still one of my favorite jobs ever.
3. I was 21 when I made stuffed peppers for the first time. It’s a weird, random memory for me.
4. I used to be the pickiest eater, EVER. Eggs freaked me out, especially the runny ones. Now I couldn’t imagine eating acorn squash without a delicious runny egg baked in it.
5. I became a vegetarian in middle school just so I didn’t have to eat the types of meat that I didn’t like. I still pigged out on bacon and chicken. And ham. And turkey. And who knows what else.
6. My sister once chased me around the house with a hot dog just because she’s a jerk. Now she barely eats meat herself.
7. I play bass guitar and joined an all girl band a month after I started playing. That band taught me so much and I owe a lot to those girls ❤
8. I think about 80% of my conversations with friends revolve around food and I'm totally ok with that.
9. I hate baking sweets.
10. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and I'm DAMN proud of it!

I wanted to nominate so many good blogs, but one rule is that they must have 200 followers or less. Unfortunately, I've had a really hard time finding blogs that I follow that fall under that category, so for now, I am going to post this and continue to look for more "up-and-comers" that are deserving of the Liebster Award! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nominations

  1. Not much surprises me about you, Katie, but just know you are totally alright in my book…and every time I see a post I read “veggies’ laughter” because it is SO you!

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