Toast- Farm to Table Fine Dining in Cleveland, Ohio

Toast- Farm to Table Fine Dining in Cleveland, Ohio

Tucked away on one of the side streets of the Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland, Ohio, stands a 100 year old building, that up until April of this year, has been vacant for decades. It is now home to Toast- a small plate, fine dining restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. Yesterday was my second time being there, and I have to say, from a vegetarians point of view, they do not disappoint (they didn’t disappoint my meat eating boyfriend, either). Their farm to table philosophy means an ever changing menu with all of the freshest, local ingredients.

The atmosphere is laid back and very friendly, and the service is on point. The bartenders are very knowledgeable on their wine and spirits, and will gladly help you pair wine with your meal.

We started our meal with cheesy pimento poppers in a cilantro, cucumber sauce (not pictured), and moved on to the corn n’ carrot stuffed pepper (pictured in the middle), stuffed with local barley, braised carrots, spiced apple and delightfully crispy cornbread. I nearly jumped for joy when I noticed the kale salad on the menu. Not only that, it was covered in creamy kimchee and paired with fried peanuts and pickled fennel. A lot of flavor packed into a simple salad. The meat eater sitting next to me decided on a vegetarian dish (meaning I could snag a bite- yes!) of sweet corn gnocchi with braised greens, oyster mushrooms and garlic.

While we were waiting for the food to come out, we decided to get a glass of wine to go with our meal. We chose, but the bartender suggested that we go for something with a little more depth in flavor to go with our meal. He poured two glasses of AnneAmie Pino Grigio, and I have to say, it was a great choice.

If your looking for a great place to eat with great atmosphere and unbelievably tasty, local food, Toast is the place to go.


Vegan Eats In Downtown Cleveland

There’s a great little restaurant in the heart of downtown Cleveland, where everything on the menu is vegan. That’s right. Completely vegan. At The Flaming Ice Cube, you can order anything from gooey, “cheesy” quesadillas, to vegan bakery. They even have a page filled with their handmade veggie burgers, voted one of America’s top veggie burgers by VegNews. I jumped at the chance to go there today when one of my fellow vegetarian friends said she wanted to try it out for the first time. I decided to try one of America’s best veggie burgers, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! I ordered the Hula Burger, topped with grilled pineapple (yum!), green peppers, “cheese”, and vegan mayo. My friend, Lena, ordered the Pesto Burger and she was equally impressed.

Whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore, I guarantee you’ll find something you’ll like! If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and haven’t checked out The Flaming Ice Cube, I highly recommend it!